Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CREA - "We know best"

In, Monopoly on Information - CREA, I ranted about the lack of access to information.  Apparently I'm not the only one to take notice.
The bureau has asked the federal Competition Tribunal to strike down a series of rules CREA adopted in 2007 that tightened the MLS listing requirements. The rules state that an agent must handle all aspects of a transaction using the system, from the initial listing through to acceptance of offers.
Competition Commissioner Melanie Aitken said the rules restrict competition, because real estate agents are unable to hive off certain services within the system and offer them on a flat-fee basis. Agents who want to offer such services have been excluded from the MLS by CREA, she said.
“What that means is consumers don't have any choice, it's either all [services] or nothing,” she said.
Exactly.  God forbid someone just wants to list the property, pay a flat fee and not pay the full commision to a realtor.  You either play by their (anti-competitive) rules, or they take their ball and go home.

Naturally, CREA isn't taking this lying down; after all, they have a monopoly to protect.
Mr. Ripplinger said the country's 100,000 real estate agents already compete fiercely for business, with many offering cut-rate services even when using the MLS. Agents find it "offensive" that the bureau believes they are trying to keep prices high by restricting the type of services that can be offered.
"I can say CREA isn't to blame for any of this," Mr. Ripplinger said. "There is nothing that we do that isn't in the best interest of our clients."
The douchebaggery of the last line astounds me.


It's not our fault that we have to provide "full-service" to our clients because they're a bunch of idiots that will pay a huge commission if we do all the random "confusing" work for them.  And while we're at it, we make sure they know how confusing it is (so they have to pay us).    At the same time, we expect to present "simple" offers to these peons and have them turned around and signed in a few minutes "All you have to do is sign in triplicate in 10 spots and fingers crossed, they accept your lowball 10% over asking bid (you cheap piece of shit)!"  What? You want to READ it?  What are you CRAZY, there's NO TIME, buy buy buy!  Besides, you can trust us, we're "professionals".

End rant...for now.

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