Friday, May 7, 2010


Oh the markets are stable eh?  This is a sustainable recovery?  Greece isn't imploding?  Spain and Portugal aren't in line to follow? 

What the hell then was this?

Dow down over a 1000 pts intraday.  The market was down all day but there was a massive several hundred point drop within the span of minutes.  The MSM has for months been using leading indicators (ie the giant bear market rally from last March) to claim that we're in a sustainable recover.  How do they spin things if the wheels on that fall off?

What triggered the crash?  Who knows? (us lowly retail folks may never know the real cause).  Of course, there will be plenty of speculation that there was some type of trader mistake, a fat fingered trade, but the point is...if one trader fucking up can trip off a wave of massive (oft computer controlled selling), then how stable is the market?   Stick a fork in it, this bear market rally is done.

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  1. Hey just to know what happened to you, you didn't post for a while... :(